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#1 Gepost : woensdag 6 december 2017 11:58:24(UTC)
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Er is een release geweest t.b.v. het plaatsen/wijzigen van de cachepagina:

With this release, we have streamlined the Edit Cache Listing page and removed inconsistencies that existed between this page and the Cache Submission Process. We want to make it easier to create cache pages with fewer issues so that caches can get published more smoothly. Here are some of the more noticeable changes.

Waypoints are integrated into the Edit Cache Listing page.

No need to visit another page to add/edit waypoints!
Waypoints are “smart”, meaning cache owners won’t see waypoints that aren’t allowed for their cache type, and must enter waypoints that are required for their cache type.
Attributes are integrated into the Edit Cache Listing page.

No need to visit another page to add/edit attributes!
Wheelchair attribute is enforced for T1 caches. If a cache owner selects T1 for their cache, the wheelchair attribute is automatically selected.
Map is more useful.

See posted coordinates and waypoints on the same map!
We’ve switched to OpenStreetMap, allowing you to zoom in and out, and double-check that you’ve placed the coordinates at the correct location.
Posted coordinates are shown as virtual (blue) or physical (green).
Waypoints are shown as virtual (blue) or physical (green), and denoted in the map pin by the prefix code.
Parking, Reference, and Trailhead icons are brown.
Cache owners can see if their posted coordinates or waypoints conflict with another physical, visible waypoint.

The new map shows the red proximity circles, similar to what you see during the Cache Submission Process.
If coordinates are too close to an existing physical, visible waypoint, a warning provides the distance, GC code, and link to the conflicting cache, along with a reminder about proximity guidelines.
Proximity warnings are not provided for virtual or hidden waypoints (such as finals for Mystery Caches).
The Submit for Review process is simplified.

Cache owners are required to enter a Reviewer Note when submitting a cache for review.
If a cache owner wants to edit a cache that is already submitted for review, they need to cancel their cache submission. The cache owner can then resubmit the cache for review, and enter a reviewer note explaining any changes they’ve made.
When there is a new Reviewer Note from a reviewer, it will appear at the top of the cache page, prompting the cache owner to either to respond or to edit the cache page.
Other updates

D1 is enforced for all Event Caches. Event Caches must have a 1-star difficulty rating because it is easy for geocachers to “find” events.
Event Caches no longer include a container size.
The Admin Tools no longer link to separate pages to edit attributes, edit waypoints, and upload images, since you can make those changes on the Edit Cache Listing page. In addition, the links “Watch” and “Add to List” are available only after publication, because we found that they were not used by COs prior to publication .
The Edit Cache Listing page now includes an Upload Images link, so cache owners can add photos via that link.
Previously, there were two text fields to describe your cache. During the Cache Submission Process, those were the cache summary and long description. On the Edit Cache Listing page, they were the short description and long description. Going forward, there’s just one field. However, the short description field still exists for any caches that currently have a short description. If a cache owner removes an existing short description from their cache, the field will disappear.
The Related Web Page field now only exists on caches that currently use that field. If a cache owner removes an existing Related Web Page, then the field will disappear.
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